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Puzzle Eighteen - Hogsmeade Weekend - Solution Page

As it's getting close to mid-December, it's time for the second Hogsmeade weekend of the year. Four HOL students (François, Gertrude, Ian, and Julia), one from each of the four houses, are in line at Honeydukes, ready to make their purchases.

Each student has purchased a new candy that's never been offered before by Honeydukes. One student is buying Ciribili's Chromo Creams, which will temprorarily turn your skin a random color once you bite into one. Another student has decided to get Laughing Licorice - once you open the box, the licorice will loudly giggle, and the only way to restore peace and quiet is to eat it. A third student has picked up a box of Sangati's Salamander Sweets, a new import from India in which sweet and spicy salamander-shaped candies make your head appear to burst into flames as you chew. And the last of the students is buying Tenor Taffies - after eating these, you can sing but not speak (but you have perfect pitch!).

Can you determine each student's House, place in line (first, second, third, or fourth), and which candy they have elected to buy?

  1. The four students are François, the Gryffindor student, the one buying Sangati's Salamander Sweets, and the one who's third in line.

  2. Julia is from Ravenclaw.

  3. The student buying the Laughing Licorice (who isn't François) is from Hufflepuff House.

  4. The Slytherin student is two places in line behind Ian.

  5. Ian decided against trying the Chromo-Creams.


François isn't the Gryffindor student (clue 1), he isn't the Ravenclaw student because that's Julia (clue 2), and he's not the Hufflepuff student (clue 3). So François is from Slytherin. Since Julia is from Ravenclaw, Ian and Gertrude must be from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, in one order or another.

François must be in either position 3 or 4 in line, and Ian in position 1 or 2, because François is two places behind Ian in line (clue 4). Ian obviously isn't François, and he can't be third in line, so of the four students mentioned in Clue 1 he must be either the Gryffindor student or the student buying the Sangati's Salamander Sweets. If he's not the Gryffindor student, as we've figured out, he'd have to be from Hufflepuff. But if he's not the Gryffindor student, he'd be buying the Sangati's Salamander Sweets but the Hufflepuff student is buying the Laughing Licorice. So Ian must be from Gryffindor, and Gertrude from Hufflepuff (and Gertrude is buying the Laughing Licorice).

Since Gertrude is from Hufflepuff and buying the Laughing Licorice, of the four possibilities in Clue 1 she can only be the one who's third in line. If Gertrude is third in line, François must be fourth, which puts Ian second, and by elimination Julia is first.

Gertrude is the one buying the Laughing Licorice, and Ian isn't buying the Sangati's Salamander Sweets (clue 1) or the Chromo-Creams (clue 5). So he must be buying the Tenor Taffies. François isn't buying the Sangati's Salamander Sweets either, and so he's buying the Chromo-Creams, and by elimination Julia is buying the Sangati's Salamander Sweets.

To sum up:

Order Student House Candy
First Julia Ravenclaw Sangati's Salamander Sweets
Second Ian Gryffindor Tenor Taffies
Third Gertrude Hufflepuff Laghing Licorice
Fourth François Slytherin Ciribili's Chromo-Creams

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