Ravenclaw Tests of Logic

Brilliant, said Hermione.  This isn't magic - it's logic.

Puzzle Seventeen - L.O.M.C. - Lair of Magical Creatures - Solution Page

Hagrid's been amassing quite the collection of Magical Creatures. Sadly, the creatures have been developing an unfortunate tendency to devour one another. After a bit of prodding from Dumbledore, Hagrid finally constructed seven pens for his seven species (augureys, blast ended skrewts, crups, doxies, jobberknolls, knarls, and nifflers). He put one of the seven species in each of the pens.

After constructing the pens, however, Hagrid acquired two new species (a quintaped and a manticore, from a guy down at the pub). Rather than built two more pens, Hagrid put the two new species in with some of the other creatures ("ter see if they'd make friends").

The seven pens are arranged in a circle around the pumpkin patch, as follows, and are numbered from one to seven.

Can you tell which species are in which pens? Two of the pens will have two species - at least, they did when Hagrid put them in there.

  1. The Knarls are not in pen #3.

  2. The Doxies are not in pen #5.

  3. The Quintaped was not put in pen #6.

  4. The Manticore and the Blast-Ended Skrewts are together in the same pen, which is right in between the pens for the Doxies and the Crups.

  5. The number of the pen that holds the Jobberknolls is two more than the number of the pen that holds the Nifflers.

  6. The Quintaped was placed into a pen right in between the Crups and the Knarls.

  7. The two pens that have two species in them are both even-numbered.


Both the Quintaped and the Manticore were put into a pen which already held another species (introduction), so the Manticore/Blast-Ended Skrewts combination (clue 4) and the Quintaped/something else combination represent the two pens which have two creatures in them. These two pens must be even-numbered (clue 7).

Since the Manticore/Blast-Ended Skrewt combination has the Doxies and the Crups on either side of it (clue 4), and the Quintaped has the Crups and the Knarls on either side of it (clue 6), this means the Crups are between the two "new" creatures, with the Doxies and the Knarls on either side. That means that five of the pens must be taken up by these five Magical creatures, either in forwards or backwards order:

i. Doxies
ii. Manticore/Blast-Ended Skrewt
iii. Crups
iv. Quintaped/unknown
v. Knarls

Since the two pens with two creatures must be even-numbered, this means they must be in either positions 2 and 4, or in 4 and 6, in either order.

If the two two-creature pens are in positions 4 and 6, the five pens above would cover positions 3 through 7, either in forward or reverse order. If it is in forward order (3=Doxies, 4=Manticore/Blast-Ended Skrewt, 5=Crups, 6=Quintaped/unknown, 7=Knarls), the Quintaped would be in pen 6, which is impossible (clue 3).

If, however, they covered positions 3 through 7 in reverse order, (3=Knarls, 4=Quintaped/unknown, 5=Crups, 6=Manticore/Blast-Ended Skrewt, 7=Doxies), the Knarls would be in pen 3, which is also impossible (clue 1). So the five pens above cannot cover positions 3 through 7.

The two two-creature pens must be in positions 2 and 4, then, and the five pens above must cover positions 1 through 5, in either forward or reverse order.

If they cover positions 1 through 5 in backwards order (1=Knarls, 2=Quintaped/unknown, 3=Crups, 4=Manticore/Blast-Ended Skrewt, 5=Doxies), the Doxies would be in pen 5, which is impossible (clue 2).

So the only possible arrangement for the five pens above is from 1 through 5 in forwards order (1=Doxies, 2=Manticore/Blast-Ended Skrewt, 3=Crups, 4=Quintaped/unknown, 5=Knarls).

The only pens which now have vacancies are pen number 4 (the second spot along with the Quintaped), pen 6, and pen 7. The pen number for the Jobberknolls is two greater than the pen number of the Nifflers (clue 5). The only vacancies that are separated by two are pens 4 and 6, so pen 4 must hold the Nifflers (with the Quintaped), and pen 6 must hold the Jobberknolls.

The only pen remaining then, is pen 7, which by elimination must hold the Augureys.

(There are as yet no reports on whether the Nifflers and Blast-Ended Skrewts liked their new pen companions, as Hagrid couldn't find them and said "They must be hidin'").

To sum up:

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