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Puzzle Twenty-Two - Christmas Tree

The Charms teacher has the happy duty of charming the Christmas tree each year, and Professor Swish is no exception. This year at HOL, he has charmed small figurines of the HOL professors and hung them on the tree as ornaments. Many of the little figurines will call out holiday greetings to passing students, but at least one was heard to shout, "You really botched that exam, Hughes!" as one unfortunate Gryffindor passed by.

The figurines are all clear crystals, but each of them has been charmed to blink a different color. From the front of the tree, you can see ten of them: the figurines of Professors Bastet, Blue, Dybendahl, Elrond, Laffengraff, Paracelsus, Pradipta, Razorwire, Stirringstone, and Xanthos. The blinking colors of the crystals (in no particular order) are blue, green, indigo, orange, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow.

The figurines are arranged on strands of garland, as pictured below. Can you figure out which figurine is at which location on the tree, and which color each is flashing?

  1. Professor Swish has charmed three of the figures - Professors Blue, Dybendahl, and Xanthos - to be on little broomsticks (they occasionally detatch from the tree and fly around the room, but always return to their proper location on the tree).

  2. The figurine of Professor Bastet is two strands lower than the figurine blinking blue (which isn't the figurine of Professor Razorwire).

  3. The figurines of Professors Dybendahl and Blue are on different strands of garland, but neither one is on the lowest strand.

  4. The crystal figurine blinking red and the figurine of Professor Paracelsus (neither of which are on the bottom strand of garland) are on the same strand.

  5. As you are looking at the tree, Professor Stirringstone's figurine is both on a higher strand and to the left of the crystal figurine that is blinking green.

  6. The figurine of Professor Laffengraff is on the same strand as the figurine of Professor Razorwire (which isn't blinking indigo) - and both are two strands above the crystal figurine blinking green.

  7. The figurine blinking orange is at a location three times the number of the location of the figurine of Professor Laffengraff.

  8. The figurine blinking teal is at a location exactly half that of the one blinking yellow - neither of these figurines is on the same level as the figurine of Professor Dybendahl.

  9. The figurine of Professor Bastet and the figurine blinking silver (which isn't on a broomstick) are both at odd-numbered locations on the tree.

  10. The figurine blinking indigo is on a strand higher than the one blinking purple, but neither one is on the bottom strand.

  11. The figurine of Professor Pradipta is exactly twice that of the figurine on a broomstick that is blinking white.

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