Ravenclaw Tests of Logic

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Puzzle Fifteen - Food Fight

On one fine Thursday before the Ravenclaw / Slytherin Quidditch match, tensions were running a bit high in the Great Hall. Much to the house elves' dismay, a food fight broke out between the Ravenclaw and Slytherin tables.

Sadly for the students, Professor Stirringstone happened to walk in at an inopportune moment. Not one to countenance good food being wasted, Stirry gave five students detentions - the five students she caught in the act. The five students were Courtney, Daniel, Jessica, Morgan, and Richard. Each student stood accused of throwing a different food item (shepherd's pie, rice pudding, lamb curry, pumpkin juice, or cauliflower). And each student was hit by one of the food items thrown by one of the other students.

The last names of the students are Garrott, Hughes, Jackson, Patel, and Shelsher. Can you find the full names of the five students, their houses, the order in which Stirry caught them, and which student they threw the food at?

  1. Daniel is from Ravenclaw, while Jessica is from Slytherin.

  2. The five students involved were Richard, Patel, a Slytherin student, the one who threw lamb curry, and the one who was caught by Stirry immediately before a different student threw the rice pudding.

  3. Hughes, who was the last Slytherin student to get caught throwing something, hit the student who was the first one caught by Stirry.

  4. The item thrown by the third student to get caught was the pumpkin juice.

  5. Shelsher threw an item and got caught by Stirry some time before Morgan did, but sometime after Stirry caught the student who ended up dripping with pumpkin juice.

  6. Courtney and the student who got hit by the shepherd's pie are from the same house.

  7. In the confusion, at least one student hit a student from his or her own house.

  8. A Ravenclaw was the second one to get caught.

  9. The shepherd's pie and the cauliflower, in some order, were thrown by the two students who got caught by Stirry immediately before and after Daniel did.

  10. Jackson was one of the Ravenclaws who got caught - but wasn't the one who threw the cauliflower.

  11. Jessica didn't throw the rice pudding, nor did she get hit with it.

  12. Courtney hit the student who threw the shepherd's pie.
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