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Puzzle Fourteen - Quid Pro Grads

The Beauxbatons Quiddich Team was extremely fortunate to have four incredible Quidditch players all in the same year (Adèle, Bertrand, Michel, and Sébastien). Each one played a different position (Batteur, Poursuiveur, Gardien, and Attrapeur). When they graduated, they all tried out for national teams, and three of them made it. One player went to the French national team, another to the Belgian national team, and a third to the Andorran national team - but the fourth did not make a national team.

Can you match the player with his or her position, and which national team (if any) the player ended up joining?

  1. The player who was a Poursuiveur (Chaser) ended up playing for Belgium.

  2. Adèle was Beauxbaton's star Batteur (Beater).

  3. The Attrapeur (Seeker) is either Bertrand or the player who did not make a national team.

  4. Sébastien has never played a game as Gardien (Keeper) in his life.

  5. Bertrand, in his first game as a member of the French team, made a spectacular play that made all of the wizarding papers.

  6. Michel did make a national team, but it wasn't the Andorran one.
You may use the following table to help you figure it out. When you've completed the puzzle, you may check your work - a link to the solution is at the bottom of the page.








no team








no team

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