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Brilliant, said Hermione.  This isn't magic - it's logic.

Puzzle Thirteen - Fun With Visitors

Five Hogwarts students - Levitus, Madeleine, Nora, Oliver, and Pascal - are having some (questionable) fun with a visitor from the Ministry of Magic by telling her to guess what year they all are at Hogwarts. Each student, as it turns out, is in a different year of their Hogwarts studies. Each student gave one clue about what year they are - but only the second year and the fourth year students told the truth! The first year, third year, and fifth year students all lied. The poor visitor from the Ministry couldn't figure out what years they were - but can you?

  1. Levitus said, "There's a two year difference between Madeleine's year and my own."

  2. Madeleine said, "Nora is exactly one year behind me at Hogwarts."

  3. Nora said, "Oliver's been at Hogwarts longer than I have."

  4. Oliver said, "There's a two year difference between Pascal's year and my own."

  5. Pascal said, "There's a one year difference between Levitus and Nora's years in school."
You may use the following table to help you figure it out. When you've completed the puzzle, you may check your work - a link to the solution is at the bottom of the page.






1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

5th Year

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