Ravenclaw Tests of Logic

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Puzzle Nine - Mugwump Meetings

The schedule for the meetings of the Supreme Mugwumps of the International Conferderation of Wizards has just been set. Their annual meeting will be held in a different city each year (Ankara, Buenos Aires, Calcutta, Dar-es-Salaam, and Zurich), and will be chaired by a Supreme Mugwumps (Kournifov, Minkyl, Ordlock, Vitupera, and Wingard).

When Dumbledore chaired last year's meeting in Osaka, the other Mugwumps were amused at his fondness for Muggle candy. But just like Dumbledore, each of the five Mugwumps who will chair the future meetings has a quirk or unusual habit. One, for example, will go nowhere without his parrot (who likes to belt out show tunes). Another Mugwump wears only bright magenta robes. A third breeds champion Crups. Yet another Mugwump has a permanent case of the hiccups (the unfortunate result of a misapplied Cheering Charm). And the last out of the five prefers to attend meetings floating on a flying carpet.

Can you match each of the five Mugwumps with the city in which he or she will chair the meeting, and his or her quirk (show-tune parrot, magenta robes, Crup breeder, hiccups, or flying carpet)?

  1. Immediately upon receiving the list of meetings, Kournifov made sure to tell the Mugwump who will be chairing the meeting in Buenos Aires to meet for a secret conference (Kournifov has business to discuss that is not for the ears of Ordlock, nor the chair of the Ankara meeting, nor the Mugwump who always has the hiccups).

  2. Neither Minkyl nor Vitupera (one of whom will be chairing the Zurich meeting) know of Kournikov's secret conference.

  3. Vitupera does not like Crups.

  4. Wingard thinks the Mugwump who dresses in magenta robes is senile.

  5. Neither the Crup-breeding Mugwump nor the one with the strange parrot will be chairing the meeting in Buenos Aires.

  6. Niether the Mugwump who wears magenta robes nor the one who breeds Crups will be chairing the meeting in Calcutta.

  7. Ordlock does not own a singing parrot, nor does he breed Crups.

You may use the following table to help you figure it out. When you've completed the puzzle, you may check your work - a link to the solution is at the bottom of the page.









show-tune parrot

magenta robes

Crup breeding

eternal hiccups

flying carpet

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Dara Ware, Fake Moody, Minerva Potter, Daisy Treefrog, Guppie Ewing, Bronwyn Pendragon, Katie Winthrop, Zara Black, Rhiannon Llewellyn, Ody Zeus, Lynn Law, Jamie Lyn Jordan, Arca Machiavelo, Mabel Diggori, Kimaire Seloiro, Mercury "Mark" McKinnon, Heather Kinney, Emma Bott, Evylyn Desirée, Irix Nuit, Niche Eenhoorn, Acinonyx Jubatus, Professor Crystal Blue, Professor Asclepius Argumentus, Claire Silverthorne, Mina Storm, Jenn Block, Arphrael-Danae Donnell, Ororo Granger, Rogue Granger, Ron Thompson, Scorpius DiMandrago, and Pyrus Japonica.
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