Ravenclaw Tests of Logic

Brilliant, said Hermione.  This isn't magic - it's logic.

Puzzle Seven - The Potions Master

Professor Snape required four Gryffindor students (Bartholomew, Cassius, Delia, and Fred) to stay after class for (alleged) misbehavior. For their punishment, he told them to assist him in four different potions he needed made. He set them up in a small classroom - putting them at four desks arranged in a square, one in each corner (see diagram below).

The four potions Snape needed made were an Invisibility Potion, a Sleeping Potion, an Anti-Petrification Potion, and Wolfsbane Potion - every student was required to work on one of these potions. Each one of the potions required a different primary ingredient (Scales of Ashwinder, Venom of Doxy, Spine of Murtlap, and Toejam of Troll - in one order or another).

Can you figure out which student is sitting at which desk, which potion is being made by each student, and which ingredient corresponds to which potion?

  1. Delia's desk is in the opposite corner of the room from the student making the Anti-Petrification Potion.

  2. The desk of the student slicing the Ashwinder scales and the desk of the student making the Sleeping Potion are side-by-side.

  3. When all four of the students were seated at their desks, the student making the Wolfsbane Potion is staring at the back of the student extracting the Spine of a Murtlap.

  4. The student at desk 3 on the map (who isn't Cassius) is not the one making the Invisibility Potion.

  5. The four students are: Bartholomew, the one making the Sleeping Potion, the one pouring the Doxy Venom, and the one using the Murtlap Spine.

You may use the following table to help you figure it out. When you've completed the puzzle, you may check your work - a link to the solution is at the bottom of the page.

Desk One

Desk Two

Desk Three

Desk Four

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