Ravenclaw Tests of Logic

Brilliant, said Hermione.  This isn't magic - it's logic.

Puzzle Six - Never Fear!

Five Hufflepuff seventh-years are on pins and needles as they await their scores on Professor Neverwhere's final exam in Mythology. The five of them studied together (three boys, Benjamin, Eric, and Tybalt, and two girls, Agatha and Kerridwen). Their last names are, in some order, Czarus, Klein, Leonov, Salazar, and Wimble. Professor Neverwhere required each of them to write a composition on Mythology in a different culture (Greek, Roman, Sumerian, Norse, and Celtic.)

Little do they know, but all five of them passed the exam. Their scores, in one order or another, were 75, 80, 90, 95, and 100 (all out of a possible 100). Can you match the five students to their assigned exam subject, and to their score?

  1. The five students are Benjamin, Leonov, the boy who got a 95 on the exam, the one who was assigned Celtic Mythology, and the one assigned Greek Mythology.

  2. Kerridwen's score on her exam was 20 points higher than Czarus' score.

  3. Wimble got a lower exam score than the student assigned Celtic mythology.

  4. The student assigned Norse Mythology got a score 10 points higher than the score of the boy who was assigned Greek Mythology.

  5. Wimble's first name is neither Benjamin nor Eric.

  6. The student assigned Sumerian Mythology did not get a score of 95 on the exam.

  7. Leonov was not assigned Norse Mythology.

  8. Salazar did not get a score of 90 on the exam.
You may use the following table to help you figure it out. When you've completed the puzzle, you may check your work - a link to the solution is at the bottom of the page.


Click on the link for the solution to Never Fear!, the sixth puzzle. This puzzle was correctly solved by:

Shadow Diggory, Heather Kinney, Azure Chapeau, Rogue Granger, Ororo Granger, Fake Moody, Claire Silverthorne, Aphrael-Danae Donnell, Kelsey Brenan, Dara Ware, Mina Storm, and Gwen Dibley.
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