Ravenclaw Tests of Logic

Brilliant, said Hermione.  This isn't magic - it's logic.

Puzzle Two - Tuesday Classes

On Tuesdays, four Ravenclaw students (Abby, Bartlett, Cynthia, and Darien) are all taking the same four classes (Divination, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration, in no particular order). One class is at 10:00, another at 11:00, another at 3:00, and the last at 4:00. In each class, one and only one of the four students won 10 points for Ravenclaw - a different student in each class. Can you match which student won points in which class, along with the order of classes for the day?

1. The four classes (in random order) are Transfiguration, the one in which Darien earned 10 points, the 10:00 class, and Herbology.

2. Abby won ten points in either the 11:00 or the 3:00 class.

3. During Divination, Bartlett wasn't paying attention and won no points, as he was finishing his homework for the next class. But in that next class, he won 10 points for Ravenclaw.

4. During Herbology, Darien got an owl from Professor Laffengraff, telling him he had to go to a meeting at 4:00 (which meant he missed his 4:00 class).

You may use the following table to help you figure it out. When you've completed the puzzle, you may check your work - a link to the solution is at the bottom of the page.

AbbyBartlettCynthiaDarien10:0011:00 3:004:00









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Rhiannon Llewellyn, Andrew DaSilva, Katie McAnders, Sasha Shoe, Oriel Ensis, Professor Asclepius Argumentus, Terra Elder, Mercury "Mark" McKinnon, Professor Artimus Zeln, Darlene Baker, Andromeda Black, Mabel Diggory, Ody Zeus, Lily Rose, Daisy Treefrog, Rio Lupin, Tanya Kirk, Chid Weasley, April May, Shadow Diggory, Ivy Lowry, Nell Delune, Oleander Hedge, Heather Kinney, Lorna Weasley, Edgar Torné, Dudley Smith, Emma Bott, Claire Silverthorne, Annie Black, Cho Adamson, Unique Fairfax, Rogue Granger, Ororo Granger, Kelsey Brenen, and Arca Machiavelo.
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